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The locked content can be anything from text, a video, an image or an entire page.

You can set your price for each individual piece of content on the fly as well via Coinbee's API.

Once we tell you via an API request that the user's paid, it's up to you to decide how long the user can access the current piece of content, or to even allow them to consume other content (like a day pass)

Utilizing a user identifier on address generation allows accidental page reloads to not lose a user's address or payments. Also useful for reporting on your site

Click the button below and send bitcoin to the generated unique address to access the locked content on this page.

Want to see how this all works? Explore the source.

Generating address...

Please send at least "{{required_btc}}" bitcoins to address
"{{address}}" in order to unlock this content
Once payment is received you will be redirected automatically, no need to refresh the page

Actively waiting for {{confirmations}} confirmations...

Go here to view the Coinbee API

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